Payday 2 Ak\/car Mod Pack Achievements Guide 1

payday 2 Ak\/car Mod Pack Achievements Guide 1

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Payday 2 Ak\/car Mod Pack Achievements Guide 1 - Fifa 18

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  2. Never heard of him. The stubby nose helps concealment with only minor drawbacks, but even the potential maximum is too poor to really make a difference when stealth counts. The SxS fills the shoes of the primary-only Mosconi as an insanely powerful side-by-side double barrel with a spread even more immense, albeit as a secondary weapon, while packing a lot more ammo than one will probably need for casual cop blasting. Ever the tactical one, Houston kicks off the night raid from atop an optional vantage point.
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  4. Crye Precision SIX12 (2nd prototype) - 12 gauge Note the Magpul MVG foregrip. And finally the snipers with their old riles, note the laser. Heckler Koch P7M13 - 9x19mm Left side of the "M13 complete with spoofed markings denoting an origin of "storkeldorf, Germany likely a reference to the city of Oberndorf am Neckar, which is the real-life location of the H K headquarters.
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  6. Sterling L34A1 (Mk.5 suppressed version of the Sterling L2A3 - 9x19mm The "Suppressed Barrel" mod turns the L2A3 into the Sterling L34A1. Modifications include a Kokusai Devil heavy barrel, engraved grip panels, and a special black grip festooned with a black cloth wrapping, a cross, and spikes on the bottom. Lastly the receiver is a hybrid of an akms one and a Saiga, with the magazine release being immediately ahead of the trigger guard and receiver dimples above the magazine, but with a Saiga-style front trunion (lacking the corresponding rivets however). Hoxton holding up a shooting range dummy with his newfangled Microgun.


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