Stardew Valley Modding Api Not Working

stardew Valley Modding Api Not Working

want to use smapi: make sure it's installed and your launch options are correct (see install guide ). (This page isn't only for players who use mods!). Controller doesn't work properly with smapi (Steam only) Common fixes: Launch the game through Steam. The smapi version is shown at the top of stardew Valley Modding Api Not Working the smapi console window. (If you use Steam, it might show 'running' for a few seconds.) Here are some common fixes: Restart your computer. Now your content files are still modded, but you have a backup of the original files. eq 127 ; then launcher -no-terminal fi And change it to this: launcher -no-terminal Mac: Find your game folder. That's usually caused by the Windows DPI settings. Make sure you copied the right files: internal/Windows for Windows, or internal/Mono for Linux/Mac. Ask for help Find your smapi log The smapi log has useful info for troubleshooting problems (like your versions, mods, game path, errors, etc).

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Make sure you have speakers or headphones plugged. That usually means it's not a smapi mod, so it won't work from the Mods folder. Open the StardewValley file (the one with no file extension) in stardew Valley Modding Api Not Working a text editor.
If you forgot to back it up, here's how to recover the original files without losing your modded ones: Copy your game's Content folder to Content-modded. This is based on heuristic detection (for example, smapi rewrites mods so they work on your computer, and rewriting files is something malware also hacked Raft Wars 4 does, so your antivirus got suspicious).
stardew Valley Modding Api Not Working

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No problems here and I instal my steam games on my D drive and not my primary. Tried to run the game with the Starwdew. Now, magically, the base, stardew Valley game works. The problem here is that my smapi is giving me a weird error. Just launch stardew valley whenever you want to play or run.

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